Historicon 2016

Triumph! Schedule

T350 Thursday 10:00 AM Caesar in Gaul Walk-Up
T353 Thursday 2:00 PM Clash of Empires Scenarios
T358 Thursday 7:00 PM Battle of Nicaea
F386 Friday 9:00 AM Caesar in Gaul Walk-up
F388 Friday 1:00 PM Clash of Empires Scenarios
F354 Friday 6:00 PM Medieval German Campaign
S387 Saturday 9:00 AM Caesar in Gaul Walk-up
S389 Saturday 1:00 PM Battle of Nicaea
S355 Saturday 6:00 PM Punic Wars Campaign

Thistle and Rose Figures

Thistle and Rose generously donated figures for the Triumph! events at Historicon. Players in any Triumph! event received a free sample pack of figures. And the winner of the Punic War Campaign event on Saturday evening won a complete Gallic army!

This line of figures has been out-of-production for quite awhile, but a re-release in in the works. We look forward to when this great line of figures is available once again. Thanks to Thistle and Rose for their support of Triumph!

Unpainted Thistle and Rose Figures
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